Advantages of UPVC Windows


Physical stability : UPVC window have a better strength of anti compression, tensile, crack and inflation than wooden and aluminum windows. UPVC profile can stand the wind, rain, sunshine, dry and moisture in -30°C to +70°C. The earliest UPVC windows used in Europe is still in good condition for more than 40 years.

Corrosion Resistance: Specially suitable for high pollution cities and beach area. UPVC Doors and windows system can withstand any corrosion caused by such conditions, even in beach area residencies, humid weather is unable to corrode, or damage UPVC profiles


Excellent Function

Excellent Function Excellent Water Resistance: UPVC door and window systems employ a corner welding process to ensure that the window or door comer is completely welded into a single structure; therefore water is unable to pass through the welded joint. Excellent Fire Proofing: UPVC profile systems are fully self extinguishing



Maintenance Free

Maintenance Free No painting, No scraping, No puttying, No termites.



Environmental Friendly

Environmentally Friendly UPVC profile systems are made from ecologically friendly materials and environmentally safe in terms of less pollutant emissions than wood and aluminum. Polymer is recyclable, and so there is no lost materials as all waste goes back into the recycling process.

About us

Primetech uPVC profiles an Indian uPVC profile brand, established in 2018, with headquarters situated in Hyderabad, India. The company has invested heavily in handing their production to the well-experienced and talented Team for uPVC profile manufacturing.


Primetech has become the most famous uPVC profile brand in India with the support of a dedicated manufacturer and expert marketing team.


We has invested in 100 extrusion lines whose modules are made with German Technology, with this the company has a very strong capability for manufacturing and strong capability for designing all different cross sections of Modules like 60 casement series, 80 and 88 sliding series, 112 sliding and 90 Sliding series.


Our factory spreads around 250000 square meters and with the capacity of manufacturing 20000 Tones profiles yearly like milk-white profiles, ivory white profiles, and colour profiles but Primetech is well known for its speciality in ivory white which already has become popular across the country.

250000 square meter FACTORY

Presence in 3 states

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